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About P-TEEN 
P-TEEN Achievers' Network was founded in 2012 by Annette Corbett Gardiner, MHRM and who was a teen mom. Our mentors can relate to the teen moms' emotions and drive to go back to complete high school, take care of the baby and plan for the future. 

P-TEEN Achievers' Network, Inc. is a non-profit organization in Fort Lauderdale, FL. Since incorporation, we’ve treated every teen mentees like family. Other organizations may offer similar services, but our services come with a personal touch, that is what sets us apart. 
Annette Corbett Gardiner, MSHRM
Annette is passionate about assisting pregnant and parenting teens to achieve their dreams. Annette was a teen mom with two beautiful children (Ramon [Gunnery Sgt in U.S. Marines Corps] and Sahleesha [Accountant]. She got married to Joseph in 1987 and had 2 more children (SiCoyia [R.N.] and Krishard [Commercial Pilot]). She now has 4 grandchildren; Syniah, Romari, Rajah and Azaire.

She has served on several Executive Boards to include being the Vice President of the Broward Human Trafficking Coalition and 1st VP of the Commission on the Status of Women. She also volunteers/mentors at Seagull Alternative School and has initiated community programs such as the Teen Empowerment Workshops. She mentors Pregnant teens with the Broward County School Board and Broward Human Trafficking Coalition. 

Annette is the current President/Chair of Kingston Technical High School (KTHS) Past Student Association of Florida for 3 years and provides leadership and management expertise. Annette also mentors students of KTHS (Alma Mater) who were awarded scholarships for 2015-2016 school year. 

In 2012, Annette was inducted into the Broward County Women’s Hall of Fame for her work in the community. 

Education: Master’s in Human Resource Management; Bachelors in Professional Management from Nova Southeastern University; Associates in Business Administration from Everest University (Formerly Florida Metropolitan University).

Employment: Vice President of Human Resources at Kids in Distress

Committed to helping pregnant and parenting teens learn life skills and achieve their dreams!